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Experience the live demonstration of EPIX, the cutting-edge global platform designed to streamline and digitize your multi-country payroll operations.

As an international payroll professional, you may currently face challenges such as time-consuming manual input processes, a lack of visibility into your global workforce, and the difficult aggregation of local payroll data and HR KPIs.

Introducing Paybix, our solution with a clear mission: to enhance the efficiency, integration, and digitalization of international payroll processes. Our multi-country payroll platform, Epix, seamlessly digitizes and unifies your end-to-end operations, from cross-country data input to comprehensive analytics. Epix is a truly global platform, capable of connecting with any local payroll system worldwide, promising a significant boost in day-to-day efficiency for your tasks.

Curious about how Epix can revolutionize your international payroll operations? Register now for a 45-minute live demo, featuring 30 minutes of in-depth presentation and a valuable 15-minute Q&A session. Discover the transformative power of Epix in action!
Presentation by
Hans Joris & Bart Slaets

45 minutes (including 15 minutes of Q&A)